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June 16, 2022 3 min read

The Cricket Performance Lab was created to make cricketers better.

The best part of this journey is the variety of people we get to work with.

One day it's a grass roots player looking to have their best season yet, the next day it is one of the games's elite players trying to find a competitive edge to take on the world's best. 

Recently we had one of Australia's most exciting young cricketers. NSW and Sydney Thunder star Jason Sangha visit Moorabbin for an ULTIMATE BAT FITTING.

There is one clear goal for every Cricket Performance Lab bat fitting.

Identify the bat that gives the individual the best possible chance to score the most runs & give batters the extra advantage.

Until now, that had been undiscovered.

Put simply, we want to get the "right" bat in every batter's hands to maximise performance.

Jason is a self confessed cricket nut and was constantly exploring ways to find the best bat to suit his current game. After several attempts due to COVID protocols, the date was set, and Jason made the (same day) trip down from Sydney with excitement and anticipation that we could help him identify parts of his game that would improve performance and find the perfect Gunn & Moore bat.

The fitting process was one of our most enjoyable to date. Jason has an excellent understanding of his own game, and this combined with the most complete swing analysis data, gave him the exact outcome he had been searching for.

Some key findings of the session were:

With a change (+5) of BPI, we were able to DISCOVER an instant 20% increase in exit velocity.

Exit velocity is a relatively new term in cricket.

While it has been used in baseball/softball and other percussion sports for many years, its reference in cricket circles has until now mostly been focused on power hitting and the ability to launch balls into the stands in T20.

However, at CPL we have discovered that exit velocity relates to so much more that just power hitting, and different bats can increase or decrease exit velocity and affect performance.

With Jason playing at the highest level against world class fielders, an increase in his exit velocity has the potential to make the gaps between fielders wider. This allows Jason to split fielders, hit sweepers, manoeuvre the field and score more easily.

Another key element of any bat fitting at CPL is a true in-depth understanding of the swing dynamics of every player.

The most significant finding during Jason's bat fitting was the consistency of backswing, downswing and angle of attack that could be achieved with a slight adjustment of his BPI.

Once he started swinging his optimal bat, Jason blew us away with a backswing consistency of 100%.

His bat angle at impact changed by 10%, improving his Launch Angleto maximize the speed the ball travels across the outfield and between the fielders  

For Jason these gains mean that the ball is traveling an extra 3.64 metres per second - meaning the gap between fielders that are 27 metres away increases by approx 1.5 metres, a massive run scoring advantage  

Sure, he is a pro and a very, very good player, but even the pro's don't swing their bats the same every time.

A more consistent bat swing created a ripple effect, allowing Jason to be 10% more efficient with the timing of his shots while also swinging the bat 4% faster.

Playing in competitions such as the Big Bash, Marsh Sheffield Shield and hopefully the international level soon, these improvements are all part of gaining the competitive edge that will help push Jason to the next level.

From a confidence perspective, Jason doesn't have to worry about his most important piece of offensive equipment. He knows he has the bat that best suits his game.

It was one of our favourite fittings to date and we can't thank Jason Sangha enough for jumping on a plane & choosing Cricket Performance Lab to help make him an even better player.

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