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August 09, 2019 2 min read

It's a question that I ask myself a lot.

How often should you replace your cricket footwear?

I love to research & in doing so found this great article from the team at Focus on Feet Moorabbin

And we can relate it to cricket with ease, my take is below the article


How often should you replace your running shoes? Unfortunately the answer isn’t ‘one size fits all’ (all puns intended!). There are multiple factors that contribute to the wear and tear on shoes, these include mileage, terrain and body weight.
Mileage - the general rule is between 600-800kms. So depending on how active you are, this is could be every 6 month to every 2 years.
Terrain - Walking/running on roads or footpaths will wear out the outer sole a lot quicker than running on grass.
Bodyweight - a heavier runner will put more stress through a runner, causing more compression force on the midsole cushioning than a lighter runner.
5 key signs you need to replace your runners:
- the outsole is worn out.
- you see cracks and creases in the white midsole section.
- you have exceeded 800km mileage.
- you notice your shoes have changed shape (the back heel counter leaning inward or stretched on the outside).
- you start to notice little niggles/aching in your feet.


As a Cricket Coach myself I love to get data and over the last few seasons, using a GPS tracker, I have harvested as much data as my players will let me!

In club cricket we average 2.5km's per hour across game days and practice sessions

Those in higher levels would no doubt cover more distance

PreSeason - 2 hours per week x 8 weeks = 16 hours

So, if we practice a minimum for 4 hrs per week & play for 5 hours,

that's 9 hours x 2.5 = 22.5 hrs per week,

across a 20 week season = 450 km's per season

Now this could be split across spiked footwear and pimples for some players..

Would love everyones thoughts?

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