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Weekly newsletter 20/2/22

March 15, 2022 1 min read

This week at the CPL...


There is just so much happening here at the CPL.

Same great people working together. Just supercharged by incredible techinology and ever-expanding knowledge.

Be a part of it.

-The Team @ CPL

Technology + bat fittings Practice Coaching
Renegades all-rounder Ella Hayward came in to experience a bat fitting for herself. Smart line hire has been popular with people of all ages, abilities and experience levels 40+ coaching sessions= 40+ happy, improving cricketers
PER4ORM CPL Store Research
The cricket app that just keeps getting better- coming soon Exciting things in store, from limited edition bats to Sidearms, helmets to bags Anthropometric screenings, BPI knowledge, exit velocity... it all just keeps getting more interesting

Fulltrack AI

From Jono D'Rozario, CPL coach

One of our new forms of technology being used in our coaching sessions is the Fulltrack AI application. It allows us to group balls based on where they have landed on the pitch. As we can see, it is easy to observe what line & length is being bowled- meaning that adjustments can be made when paired with the ball path movements.


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