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Weekly newsletter 27/2/22

March 15, 2022 1 min read

This week. Hussey was here at the CPL.


The CPL is always a hum of activity. Whether it's coaching young up-and-comers or walking the elite through a bat fitting- there is always BIG things happening here.

This week was no different.


The future of cricket is now, and it's here at the CPL.

-The Team @ CPL

Technology + bat fittings Practice Coaching
Victorian cricketer Patrick Rowe smashed balls in a bat fitting Reward for effort is seen with regular Smart Lane user Scott Edwards making his Victorian 2nd XI debut. Top tier coaches connecting with 35 keen cricketers, it's a recipe for success
PER4ORM CPL Store Research
PER4ORM is live! Great to see all of our athletes getting involved and learning their craft. 2021/22 Kookaburra bags in store now and on SALE. Limited stock available David Hussey came in to see for himself what the CPL is all about.
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Chris Hall, CPL High Performance coach, Cricket Tech Nerd

For centuries past, manipulating the profile and weight of a cricket bat to achieve a certain pick up has been a subjective art.

Only players at the most elite level have had access to go through volumes of cricket bats needed to find the one they THINK performs the best for them.

The Cricket Performance Lab bat fitting service changes the game.

Book yourself in now.

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