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June 28, 2022 1 min read

The Balance Point Index is an inferential metric that for the first time ever, allows you to measure the pick up and swing of a cricket bat.

A BPI figure is produced by an algorithm that incorporates the various mass and physical properties on a cricket bat ( such as weight, balance point and shape ) to provide a number on a scale of 1 – 100.

The BPI metric allows us to compare how easy it is to swing an individual bat compared to other bats. In basic terms, the lower the number – the easier it is so swing, the higher the number – the harder it is to swing the cricket bat.
The higher the bpi the more bottom heavy and end loaded the bat is
The lower the bpi the more hand loaded the bat is.

There is no perfect BPI figure, it is different for each individual.
BPI has been implemented in the Baseball industry by Baseball Performance Lab.

The BPI scale allows cricketers of all levels to:
Conduct CPL Bat Fittings to meet exact player specifications.

Replicate the pick up and feel of a previous cricket bat through the CPL Bat Match Service

The ability to identify specific characteristics of game conditions for which type cricket bat is most optimal for the individual.

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