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Adidas Warranty

All soft goods have a 12 month warranty against manufactural defects.  


Bats also have a 12 month warranty with the following general terms and conditions.


The warranty does not cover -

  • Damage caused by inadequate knocking in, preparation or maintenance of the bat.
  • Superficial surface cracking.
  • Toe/yorker damage.
  • If the toe guard has been removed.  
  • If there is evidence of moisture damage to the toe or other part of the bat.
  • If the bat has been used against bowling machine balls.
  • If there is evidence of misuse.


All footwear is 6 months warranty against manufactural fault – E.G – Bowlers wearing through the toe by dragging in their action is not considered a fault.


To approve a claim we require –

  • Image of the product and fault.
  • Customer receipt with date of purchase.