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Bat Fitting Testimonials

JAKE FRASER-MCGURK (Victoria & Melbourne Renegades)

​​The cricket performance lab bat fitting has helped the way I go about the bats that I use in great amounts. All the data and science behind it is incredible. Such a trustworthy company with unbelievable people running it. If you want to find the perfect bat to use then I’d highly recommend going to Cricket Performance Lab!

ELLA HAYWARD (Victoria & Melbourne Renegades)

“ I loved the whole experience, CPL has a great facility where I was able to test and try different bats including my own to see which bats work best for me and my batting, which was a lot of fun.

With all the technology available in the CPL facility, I was able to see all the statistics and movements as well as how each bat affects my batting style, swing and which BPI bat can cause optimal performance.

I really enjoyed the experience as a whole and I will definitely continue to get my bats checked out by CPL in the future.”


WILL PUCOVSKI (Australian Test Batter & Victorian Cricketer)

SCOTT EDWARDS(Netherlands National Team, Victorian 2nd XI)

“ The fitting I went through at the Cricket Performance Lab has been a game changer for me. Through the bat fitting I have been able to nail down a cricket bat blueprint ( weight and BPI ) which I have customized my Kookaburra bats to, so I have the same confidence and feel regardless of which bat I am training or playing with.”


WIL PARKER( Victoria & Hobart Hurricanes)

 “ The Cricket Performance Lab has allowed me to develop a greater understanding about my game. The bat fitting experience gave me feedback on how I move when I'm batting, as well as what bat best suited my game and my swing. 

The different stats and numbers that the Cricket Performance Lab produces is very eye opening and was game changing for me.

CAM WATTS(Current Beaumaris Cricket Club 1XI Captain, Pathway Rep Cricketer, Melbourne CC 2nd XI Cricketer)

The bat fitting experience at CPL was unreal!

Never had I undertaken such an in depth, innovative, genius and personalized product fitting experience.

I found the specifications of the process, relevant and brilliant. The technology used I had never seen before and was very intuitive and eye opening!

I now have an awesome bat that feels brilliant to pick up and feel the bat fitting process was worth every penny I spent and more.

Thanks to the CPL team for setting me up and allowing me to go through this.

JACK IVERSON(Richmond Cricket Club)

“ The CPL facility has helped me with understanding the dynamics and depths of batting. The system has given me plenty of further knowledge of how different components of the CPL testing comes into play when you're out in the middle.

The bat fitting process has helped with timing and playing the ball to the best of my ability, whilst also giving me confidence and the ability to back myself while batting.

I recommend this tool to all cricketers who want to improve their batting and knowledge for the game.


Firstly, I had a great time yesterday and absolutely loved the technology and data analysis. I learnt a huge amount about my game just from the way the data was presented and visualized. It also goes without saying that finding the correct bat for me was awesome !

Technical Feedback

  1. The level of detail and technical analysis is incredible and very interesting 
  2. The technology used to record and analyze the data is obviously high quality and I think it's perfectly coupled with the operators understanding of the technology and how it applies to the individuals experience
  3. Having that final 'review' and visualization of the collected data, the different bats tested and how they compare is incredibly insightful - Don't change anything about this, it's perfect !

Non-Technical Feedback 

  1. The baseball pitching machine is perfect to add that level of randomness to each delivery. 
  2. The wait between bats for the calibration - I would almost argue this could be longer, especially if doing more than 3 bats in one session. I found that towards the end of the session I was stuffed (maybe this is just my lack of fitness)!
  3. The wait between balls is perfect - Any shorter and I would be rushing, any longer and you're probably waiting too long. 
  4. An idea that's a little left field - It would be great for you guys to have a photo wall of everyone who's come in with the matrix bat fitted to them. It would be awesome to see players like Maxwell and Fraser-McGurk on the wall alongside local club cricketers !

Grant Wood

For the last 20 years, I’ve ordered a specific type of bat, down to handle shape, number of grains, weight and edge thickness. I ordered it like this because I thought it was the right one for my game. 

After spending time with Chris from CPL, he totally changed my mindset. The attention to detail, even down to a bowling machine that bowls actual cricket balls, is second to none. The science showed me my thinking was wrong. After the fitting and receiving my new bat, game day performances have increased and truly proves I’m now using the right equipment. I can’t thank the team at CPL enough for all their hard work. Strongly recommend this process.