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Kewlshirt Ice Vest

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The KewlShirt™ is designed to be worn against the skin to maximise its cooling power. It's a cooling vest for fitness: ideal for exercise and running fanatics.

We’ve mixed our popular Evaporative Cooling fabric technology with Spandex to make a sleeveless T-shirt that hugs the body’s contours. The KewlShirt™ can be worn as a sports top or under clothing, making it perfect for runners, cyclists or motorcyclists. Acid blue accent striping completes the look.

Evaporative Cooling

Our Evaporative Cooling Fabric products are perfect for staying cool when working, competing and playing in hot conditions. Simply soak and gently remove excess water to activate the Evaporative Cooling technology for up to 10 hours* of cooling relief.

*Dependent on ambient humidity.

- Ultra-lightweight tank top design
- Body-hugging Spandex base layer
- Evaporative Cooling Fabric inner
- Water-repellent nylon liner
- Soak in water to activate
- 5-10 hours of cooling relief
- Reusable and durable