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TechShot Batting Trainer

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 The TECHSHOT Batting Trainer focusses on setting the user’s elbow in the optimum position for striking the ball late and straight like the world’s best batters.

Each Batting Trainer is packed with multiple High Resistance Training Bands. Checkout our Sizing Charts to ensure the size you choose caters for your arm and height dimension.

If you don’t have a tape measure handy, don’t worry, you can select based on the age, height and weight guides listed.  

Size Chart - ArmStrap

STEP 1 Measure your dimensions A & B

STEP 2 Choose your ArmStrap size

NOTE: Choose a size where both your A & B dimensions fit comfortably between the Min. & Max. dimensions below. Alternatively, select a size based on your age and weight

Size (by arm measurement) Min Max.
Youth XS 22 cm 26 cm
Youth S 24 cm 31 cm
Adult M 26 cm 33 cm
Adult L 28 cm 36 cm
Size (Age/Weight) Age Weight
Youth XS 8-11 years <40kg
Youth S 11-14 years male /or adult female 40-60kg
Adult M 14+ years male /or adult female 60-75kg
Adult L 18+ years male



Size Chart - Resistance Bands

STEP 3 Measure your height and check that the measurement falls within the guidelines below.

NOTE: You receive multiple bands of different lengths in each pack. You will only need to use the one that sets your arm in the optimum angle (refer package instructions). Make sure to keep the extra bands to share the Batting Trainer with your team-mates.

Your Height Size
4ft 1in - 5ft 1in Extra Small
4ft 5in - 5ft 6in Small
5ft 3in - 6ft 5in Medium
5ft 3in - 6ft 5in Large