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Unique Bat Fitting Appointments - Online & In-Store

My Unique Bat Fitting methodology ensures that Cricketers of all ages have the correct equipment for their size, skill level & technique that will improve performance
I know the pitfalls of buying online, I've been there and seen it.
Which is why I provide this totally unique service in a couple of ways
My Video hookups ensure that you get the perfect bat for Your game & preferences and can be 100% confident you are getting just what you desire, when you order from me.
Our bat range is extensive with all the leading brands to choose from, all shapes, all pick ups & all budgets catered for.
You can book appointments for
Unique Fitting's In-Store Video Call Bat Selection's
by completing this form
My customers deserve the best gear & the best service on the planet!
You simply let us know the equipment you require, preferred brands, non-preferred brands, the type of player you are and I can do some preparation for you coming in to see us or before we hook up on Facetime, Skype or a Video message