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Force Train Better Weighted Bats

Size Guide

Do you enjoy a challenge? Well then test yourself out with Force Train Better Weighted Bats and watch as your strength grows until your own bat feels as light as feather as you smash bigger and bigger shots!


  • Weight: 3LB 3 (Approx)
  • The T2 is a great training bat for those who use a
    lighter bat in a game or who struggle with the heavier training bats.
  • It adds 20% to a standard bat weight coming in at approximately 3LB 3.
  • It is subtle yet you will feel a noticeable weight increase.


  • Weight: 3LB 11 (Approx)
  • The T4 at 3 LB 11 approximately is the most popular bat in our range, adding 40% or an extra pound to the weight of a bat.
  • Great for those looking to try our range and for those looking to improve core strength and to develop muscle tone.



  • Weight: 4LB 3 (Approx)
  • The T6 Bat is the ultimate in strength building, balance development and endurance training. W
  • hen you have done a net session with this bat you will know about it.
  • You will also feel your game improving and your crease fitness levels will get to where they need to be to allow to concentrate for longer periods.
  • The T6 adds approximately 60% to the weight of a standard bat.