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Kookaburra Ridgeback Limited Edition Cricket Bat 2020

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Used by the some of the world's top cricketing talent for decades, the Kookaburra Ridgeback was an immediately identifiable piece of equipment that garnered a reputation that is still felt today.

In 2020, we celebrate 30 years since the Ridgeback first hit the cricket pitch in the hands of Dean Jones. The first few balls sailing over the boundary immediately affirmed the Kookaburra ridgeback as something else entirely.

Featuring original artwork and the signature 'ridge' running down the spine of the bat.

The design of the stickers conjures memories of golden era cricket, where heroes were on top of the world and influenced the playing styles of today's most influential players.

One of Australia's most iconic batsmen, Ricky Ponting, had a Kookaburra Ridgeback as his bat of choice from that iconic 1997 Ashes tour until February 2002. That tenure speaks volumes about the power behind the ridge.

The 2020 Ridgeback is both a faithful throwback and a fresh design. You have never used a bat like this before.