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RapidArm is the ultimate new-generation cricket ball thrower with adjustable arm length options for variable speed.

· White with new & enhances 2023 cups

· Comes in a box (pictures attached) - including a cotton carry bag for RapidArm


The adjustable lengths allow the thrower to cater to all age groups. Short (35cm) for better control suited to juniors and beginners, to the longest (full-size 55cm) for increased speed, suited to seniors and professionals.

The ultimate cricket ball thrower for all age groups.

  • Adjustable throwing arm length – (5 length options – 35cm to 55cm)
  • Speed tested at multiple settings
    • Junior/Beginner – from 80 kph
    • Senior/Professional – up to 160 kph
  • Adjustable cup angle
  • Replaceable cup
  • Easy release of the ball
  • Easy to use for amateurs