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The Ultimate Bat Fitting Experience

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Designed from the pitch up by Cricket Australia Level 3 High Performance Coach’s Chris Hall & Shannon Young. 


We believe CWM’s Ultimate Bat Fitting Experience is the most Premium Experience available to Cricketers in Australia. 


Using our set of purpose made Test Bats (Sizes Small Adult & above at the moment ) covering a whole array of weights & profiles we harvest data using our Bat Sensor's to show us the strengths and weaknesses of each profile & weight of bat for each player.


This allows us to identify the cause of any performance-related issues when it comes to your current bat. 

The use of Pocket Radar Smart Coach, the ultimate radar system for cricket ball speed, allows us to confirm with pin point accuracy the fastest exit speeds with each bat shape & weight. 


By testing different bats across all leading brands, alongside our in depth product & coaching knowledge, our aim is to ensure that your bat will ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE across all formats of the game. 


By discussing and taking into account your personal preferences and opinions on feel and aesthetics of the bats we are able to ensure maximum confidence in your bat over every shot.


You are under no obligation to purchase a bat after a bat fitting. 


Whilst there is a fee for our Bat Fitting Experience, if you decide to purchase a bat then we give you a $50 Store Credit off your next bat purchase.  


Analysis Data

  • Hand Speed
  • Max Hand Speed
  • Shot Efficiency
  • Backlift Angle


What's involved:

• Bat Weight

• Bat Profile

• Grip combo 

Bat Makers have recently provided many more options throughout their product lines to suit many types of needs. 

Here are some of our Bat Fitting Testimonials

Let us assist you to select the bat that will boost your performance & take your game to another level!