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Sidearm Elite v2

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Are you a member of the #sidearmy yet?!

The Sidearm changed the game for coaches & batters alike.

The Elite Version is for use with Senior & Elite Cricketers and can produce deliveries of 130kph+ in the hands of a Skilled Coach

Batters now get to face a release point similar to a bowler, practice against deliveries with variation & face a coach who can bowl inswing, outswing, off spin, leg spin and slower balls AND a Sidearm is more affordable than having your own bowling machine!

Coach's thanks to the Sidearm revolution are saving thousands because they no longer need Shoulder Reconstructions due to excessive throwdown sessions, the Sidearm is effortless to use!

Wicket Keepers & Slip Fielders can get a thorough working over when a Coach uses the Sidearm and a Katchet to 'ramp up' the Cordon too!