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About Us

Cricket World Moorabbin is the brain child of myself, Chris Hall - a Cricket Australia Level 3 High Performance Coach, Self Confessed Cricket Geek, Former Lancashire County Cricket Club Squad Member & a Bayside, Victoria resident since 2001.

The Cricket World Moorabbin Retail Experience  was born in late 2018 after the tragic loss of my 13 year old daughter Summer following her 12 year battle with cancer.

My drive to make a difference in life & to make Summer proud of me, pointed me in the direction of changing the way we know and experience Cricket Retail both online & in-store.

At Cricket World Moorabbin myself & my team are well aware of the 'problems' of shopping online for cricket equipment - you receive the goods & they don't fit well, aren't exactly what you want, bats never match the quality of the generic stock standard images on all sites, poor post sale customer care, the list goes on....

Cricket World Moorabbin is here to change that. For You.

Through my knowledge & experience gained as a Cricket Australia Level 3 Coach since 2006, as a Player for 30+ years & as a cricket equipment nerd, I feel that my in-depth product knowledge can be used to circumvent the above problems cricketers experience when shopping online.

Teaching the CWM team my methods and practices I feel that we can & will match the player to the products that will boost their performance & maximise their enjoyment of the game.

Our Mission

  • To Revolutionize the way Cricketers shop on-line & in-store to improve both their retail experience & their on-field performance
Cricket World Moorabbin isn't here to simply create another online catalogue of cricket goods, it is here to provide;
  • an online '3D Cricket World' where Cricketers can virtually touch & feel the equipment from the comfort of their own home
  • a Showroom with a High End Layout & Presentation of Cricket Equipment like non before
  • an Online & In-Store Bespoke Fitting methodology that ensures Cricketers of all ages have the correct equipment for their size, skill level & technique that will improve performance.

With the retail experience we have created and continue to develop, we know you will feel like you have crawled through your screen & into our showroom without leaving your home!

Our goal is to provide an experience that is so amazing that you will always be keen to buy your new equipment from us.