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Warranty Information

Warranty Policy

With Cricket World Moorabbin, 

Here is a guide to each Product Type, Warranty Period & Warranty Cover, however we will take each case individually and do everything we can to repair or replace any damaged gear to meet the satisfaction of our customers. 

Cricket Bats

All cricket bats purchased at our CWM showroom or through our ecommerce store are covered by Australian warranties for complete peace of mind.

  • 12 month warranty period from manufacturer's.
  • Warranty covers broken handle, split cleft, large shoulder crack


When you purchase a cricket bat from Cricket World Moorabbin, you can feel assured that your bat will be covered during the warranty period should anything go wrong.


A cricket bat warranty is a goodwill agreement offered by all bat manufacturer's to repair or replace a bat that has suffered damage believed not to be the fault of the customer.


Bats with broken handles, cracks and other minor problems that occur within the time and scope of the manufacturer warranty will be sent back to the manufacturer for repair.


If the bat is deemed not be fixable to a reasonable standard, then it may be replaced at the manufacturers discretion.


It is very important to note that a replacement handle will not effect the performance of a bat.


We strongly adviseagainst excessive bowling machine use early in a bats life unless you are hitting everything out of the sweet spot.

As a guide, a bat is NOT covered under warranty if:

  • The bat was not purchased from CWM
  • The bat was purchased from an overseas entity
  • The bat is over 12 months old OR used for more than 1 season ( i.e summer or winter)
  • The bat damage was caused by a Yorker
  • The bat shoulder has sustained a crack or split that does not make contact with the handle
  • The bat has surface cracks due to normal play where performance is not affected
  • The bat is dry and hasn’t been correctly prepared or managed
  • The bat has moisture damage in the toe
  • The bat has evidence of improper use
  • The bat has been over oiled
  • The bat has been excessively used against a bowling machine 

It is important to note that willow is a natural material and the bat may surface cracks in varying degrees during use. 

The application of “Extratec” will help prevent some of these cracks.

Cricket World Moorabbin also highly recommends the oiling of cricket bats post season to prevent the wood from drying out.



Protective Gear

  • 12 months warranty period
  • Warranty covers split seams or stitching



  • 6 months warranty period
  • Warranty covers split seams or stitching, broken zipper, wheel fault

Note: Bags are not designed to be dragged up and down steps and stairs.


  • 6 months warranty period
  • Warranty covers split seams or stitching, spike blowout, sole separation



  • 12 months warranty period
  • Warranty does NOT cover any damage to the helmet caused by a cricket ball
  • However, it does cover the micro adjustment feature



All warranty decisions are at the discretion of the manufacturer.


It takes an average of 14 working days to assess and / or repair the problem in conjunction with the manufacturer.