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High Performance Bat Fitting Experience - Size's 6 & Harrow - 90 minutes

"The Bat chooses the Player"

The Performance Lab’s bat fitting service strives to revolutionise the way cricketers approach their game.

We understand that each player has unique needs and preferences when it comes to their cricket bat, and that is why we have created a personalized fitting service that is tailored to meet the individual needs of each player.

The result of a bat fitting?

A dramatic improvement in your batting average and strike rate, and the ability to hit perfect shots every time. It's like having a secret superpower that gives you a competitive edge on the field.

So why wait?

Take the first step towards unleashing your full potential and transforming your game with our personalized bat fitting service. It's time to become the player you were always meant to be."

Our High Performance Fitting's are designed for players currently using size 6, Harrow, Youth/Academy Bats.

The High Performance Bat Fitting explores traditional batting - front foot shots.

In addition to the consultation and personalized bat fitting, we also offer a range of other services such as customization, bat preparation, and ongoing support and advice.

  • Overall, The High Performance Bat Fitting Experience - Cricket Performance Lab is a comprehensive and tailored service designed to help cricket players maximize their performance by choosing the right bat for their game.



The technology matrix and experience of CPL Master Fitter’s Chris Hall & Shannon Young provides players with the highest level of service available in the cricket world.


The very first step in our process is to determine a players Key Performance Indicator - what is the single outcome variable that will positively impact and improve performance to achieve the best outcome for their game.

This could be Exit Velocity (Timing), Launch Angle, Shot Direction, Bat Velocity/Speed, Bat Control, Time to Impact or even a shot type or delivery type.

Within the High Performance Bat Fitting Experience data is collected using all of our World First Cricket Technology, which all deliver data direct to your Master Bat Fitter in the Lab Command Centre. From here, your data is keyed into our BAT-RX Bat Fitting Application

Balance Plate

K-Vest 3D Motion

Stancebeam Bat Sensors

Optical Launch Monitor 



After the consultation process we test the players physical capacity and competency.

This involves the OnBaseU Level 1 Screens, TPI Level 2 Power Screens, as well as a series of biometric measurements used by The Baseball Performance Lab and now customised for cricket.


Capturing this information allows us to use our AI Supervised and Unsupervised models to learn more about how each individual’s body and bat work together.

After the physical screening is complete the next thing we do is analyze the static and dynamic properties of the players current bat.


The static measurements include the length, weight, profile, handle, and most importantly Balance Point Index (BPI). BPI being our proprietary inferential measurement that allows us to compare how one bat swings compared to another, even across different profiles and weights.


Below is a detailed timeline of our in-house process for this Bat Fitting Experience.

1. OBU Screening, TPI Power Testing, BPL Biometric Measurements and Player Interview

• This is where we measure the limb lengths, grip strength, horse power, range of motion and gain player input about strengths & weakness of their game, favourite shots, why the player uses their current model bat etc…

Capturing this information allows us to use our AI Supervised and Unsupervised models to learn more about how each individual’s body and bat work together.

2. Bat Testing & Data crunching

• We test the players bat plus 5 bats from our BPI matrix, based on the data in phase 1

• 12-20 seconds rest between swings

• Goal is 12 well timed shots in play

• Average is 16 deliveries by professional players to achieve this

• We create variability & match realism into the process by using actual cricket balls in our 3 wheel machine specifically developed for our bat fitting process

• "Delivery Light” is mounted by the machine which is lit up at random by your Bat Fitter

• Your Master Bat Fitter keys multiple data points from every delivery into our BAT-RX software including your subjective rankings

3. Rest time

• We use sensor changes and data tagging to create a 4-5 minute rest between bats

• This ensures that fatigue isn't a factor in the performance of a bat & the accuracy of our data

• We also collect subjective data on feel & performance of each bat

4. Post Fitting Discussion & Analysis

• This is where we ask your preferred bat shape, what they like about it etc

• From the Lab Command Centre we provide performance feedback relative to your KPI & all our BAT-RX data to you


• We collect information on personal preference; Shape/Handle type, toe shape, 2nd bat variability

• On conclusion of presenting our data & findings to you we will recommend the BPI Bat that best suits your desired outcome

• Post fitting we will work directly with the Bat Maker to ensure that you can repeatedly make the same product with minimal waste.